Techno Economic Modeller – Sasol

Purpose of Job

Sasol wants to lead energy transition in Southern Africa and become a global major in green hydrogen and derivative products.

The successfull incumbent of this position will perfrom the following functions:


Cost-benefit analysisvalue network analysis, business modelling and real options to produce necessary information on which project designs can be based. These analyses indicate whether economy is in position to absorb the output of the project

Business Track: Ensure the integrity and quality of business track deliverables and capital funding applications for capital and renewal capital projects.

Investment analysis: Provide accurate investment and business analysis (business cases) for capital and renewal projects.

Project prioritisation: Facilitate the prioritization of projects using standardized principles and tools and ensure effective and efficient application of approval process.

Audits: Ensure the completion of post implementation audits (business performance) for implemented and selected projects.

Cash flow / Budget: Oversee the active capital and development cash flow allocation to ensure adherence to budget.


Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities


Develop robust and accurate projects economics of renewal and capital projects.

Compile and validate assumptions of economic evaluations and investment decision for all capital projects.

Provide multivariable, multi scenario output, highlighting key value drivers/levers and risks.

Develop and facilitate identification of business and projects risks.

Close collaboration with Stakeholder & Regulatory Advisory to incorporate relevant regulatory framework implications and sensitivities into venture assessments.


Project Pipeline

Identification of project demand potential and selection of optimal technology suitable for achieving project objectives

Facilitate and deliver a prioritised project pipeline for Low Carbon Solutions.

Ensure appropriateness and adequate planning of project pipeline in relation to opportunity funnel and technical landscape.



Continuously enhance and improve process to shorten business track timelines.

Implement all business track deliverables as per stage gate model on all Low Carbon Solutions projects according to prioritized plan/budget.

Ensure timely and quality delivery of business track deliverables.



Interface with and lead projects through investment governance process.

Participate as independent business track reviewer for other project decisions.

Apply aligned and appropriate project approval process.

Facilitate of approvals at the correct authorities and governance structures.

Adhere to governance processes of reviewing economic evaluations and investment applications.

Adhere to full regulatory compliance.

Coach the business leaders on effective execution and utilization of capital, renewal and development expenditure.

Provide training and coaching on budgetary standards, delegation of authority, approval processes and other requirements.

Provide guidance to business leaders and projects managers on cash flow availability within the respective budgets.



Develop and propose plan to complete post implementation audits annually as per selection.

Engage with business owners and project resources to determine the actual results of project implemented and performance.

Apply for funding required to secure the necessary resources to deliver on respective areas of the post implementation audit.

Compile and deliver the post implementation report.



Enable and sustain high performance and seek opportunities for personal growth, monitored through a structured performance contract and development plan.

Ensure that work standards are met according to quality, quantity and due dates.

Implementation/adherence to financial principles, policies and guidelines.

Develop and maintain service level agreements with key stakeholders.

Optimize the effective use of communication media/channels within primary group and secondary groups.

Follow through on customer inquiries, requests, and complaints.


Formal Education

University Bachelor’s Degree


Min Experience

9+ relevant years


Certification & Professional Membership


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