Specialist Occupational Health – Sasol


Address human health risks by identifying, qualifying, quantifying, analysing and interpreting the health risk to determine and prescribe relevant measures to remove, mitigate and/or contain such risks.

Implement the set standards and requirements to manage health risks and ensuring acceptable risk management through determining, prescribing and signing off on relevant measures to remove, mitigate and/or contain such risks.

Monitor the implementation of control measures manage identified health issues (unforeseen and foreseen/expected and unexpected) and providing thought leadership regarding Health for the life cycle of projects.




Integration of Sasol’s Group Health Model into the Projects and Engineering and environment.

Ensuring adherence to the One Sasol SHE Excellence Approach health risk management deliverables.

Determine and interpret project specific relevant South African and institutional (IFC, WHO) health laws and integrate into requirements, prescriptions, project-relevant country specific health rules, regulations and laws.

Implement Sasol’s risk philosophy and enterprise risk management framework.

Anticipate, recognise, evaluate and compile requirements for health risk management in the Projects and Engineering projects and inclusion of these aspects in the appropriate quality management documents and systems.

Perform Health Risk Assessments in house for the Projects and Engineering environment and oversee the implementation of recommended measures to ensure effective control of the identified occupational stressors.

Responsible for assessing, analysing and interpreting the Health Risk Assessment data, and the performance of a Health Impact Assessment that addresses risks and implications for the project.

Responsible for ensuring that Health Specification is provided to projects in the construction phase.

Responsible for ensuring that SHE Plan from service providers incorporate the management of health risks and conform to the site health requirements.

Conduct inspection/audit, compilation of reports, and discuss findings/deviations with the projects and provide recommendations.

Periodically review the standards of health-related matters in projects from inception to completion.

Contribute to employee wellness, create, establish and maintain partnership relations with service providers and business owners.

Provide second level assurance on all projects regarding the applicable aspects of health risk management.

Benchmark, network, stay abreast with developments and best practices in Occupational Health.

Apply evidence based SHE practices, in alignment with set standards, to ensure safe operations.



University Bachelor’s Degree (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health) or equivalent

Registered with the South African Nursing Council (License to practice)



3 + relevant years

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