Snr Sustainability Data Analyst – Sasol

Purpose of Job

To enable, support and facilitate the management and assurance of Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE), Sustainability and Risk Group reporting to the Sasol Group Executive Committee, Boards and relevant Sub-Committees as per the Group standard and requirements that strives for sustainable zero harm.


Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities

Develop, test and deploy robust analytical models for identifying trends and monitoring and predicting SHE, Sustainability and Risk performance to provide insights that aid informed decision making.

Undertake comprehensive research to develop robust and consistent metrics, inclusive of a meaningful suite of lead and lag performance indicators, which provide effective and consistent tracking of the SHE indicators against objectives.

Provide specialist and technical advice on the Group SHE performance, emerging issues, trends and risk analysis.

Provide steer and guidance to the Sustainability Data Analysts to enable Sustainability Data Reporting and Analysis across the group

Plan and execute the operational processes for SHE and Risk reporting across the Business Units to produce consolidated group SHE reports in alignment to the Group Executive Committee, Board and respective Sub-Committee workplans.

Review and assure SHE data extracted from the Energy and Chemicals Business Units SHE assurance systems.

Administer the Group SHE reporting system and ensure compliance to the reporting standards to support effective Group SHE reporting with respect to data inputs, data access and data assurance.

Develop the Group SHE reporting key performance indicators in alignment to the internal and external SHE reporting requirements.

Compile Group trends on SHE non-conformance including incident investigation, near misses, root-cause analysis and identification of corrective actions Identify insights on areas of strengths and for improvement.

Conduct a root-cause analysis to identify Group trends on SHE non-conformance, incidents, and near misses, and provide recommendations for corrective actions.

Provide support to the Corporate Assurance Services function in Group SHE audits.

Keep abreast with legal compliance audits and other authority inspections in order to assess their potential impacts on the Group SHE reporting.

Contribute to the development, revision and update of the Group SHE policy, taking into account local regulation requirements, Group risk requirements, and best practices.

Contribute to the second level assurance activities to validate the adherence of the Business Units to the SHE policies and standards.

Stay up-to date with regulations and market best practices to recommend pro-active Business Unit recommendations.


Formal Education

Post Graduate Honours Degree


Min Experience

10+ relevant years


Certification & Professional Membership



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