SHE Process Safety Manager – Sasol

Purpose of Job
To participate in the Satellite locations SHE Process Safety strategy, interpret and implement process safetyelements based on the One Sasol SHE Excellence approach.
The evaluation of process operations and design through risk assessments to ensure minimization ofaccidents, incidents, and events that harm people, property, or the environment.
The facilitation of process hazard analysis/studies, auditing, process safety information sharing andoperational knowledge support to line management.
The Implementation and enablement of process safety strategy to meet SHE performance goals.
Ensure that the root causes of major and significant process safety incidents determined using the correctinvestigation methodology and is shared with the SHE centre.
Serve as team member in the compilation of Sasol process safety related specifications and standards for theSasol Group.
Provide specialized Process Safety training.


Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities

Business Results
Facilitate PHA and ad hoc risk assessments using methodologies such as HAZOP, PHR, LOPA, SIL, LOC, FEI,CEI, Fault Tree, Human Factors, Inherent Safer Design, Explosion modelling, Risk Ranking, commfindings, obtain managements’ formal response to PHA recommendations
Facilitate or participate in PSSRs, incident investigations, compile or assist in compiling reports, lessonslearned, SD reports, next steps
Identify potential or actual changes, assess their effects, improve risk management using hierarchy of controls
Assist ops regarding tech aspects of PSM and clarify PSM standards and elements.
Advise on Safety Case tech info to support regulatory permitting and authorisations.
Assure that the PHA info is used in ops of the other PSM elements.
Dev and maintain plant specific PSM proc, checklists, by interpreting Sasol STDs, proc, specs, guidelines
Drive OME PSM initiatives, rollout, embedding of the PSM system
Conduct MHI studies where applicable, analyse MHI regulations, ensure compliance by OMEs
Advise on land use for operational areas based on the relevant studies Identify potential process and assetfeatures that could escalate emergency events into major incidents
Carry out PSM stand-by duties and coordinate ext risk assessments if req
Utilise lessons learnt to advise management to avoid repeat events
Utilise consequence modelling and probability analysis to dev solutions
Review the FER-SI database for accuracy to ensure that info is available for distribution to PSM Snr Manager
Assess quality cost effective solutions during risk assessments to ensure optimum risk design within acceptablerisk parameters


Leadership and Values

Support and monitor the identification of PSCE
Ensure that responsible areas utilize the FER-SI tool to derive fire, explosion and toxic index
Plan and meet proj management objectives in tech, prof and expert areas of work
Conduct audits and plant inspections to assure the effectiveness of actions taken in incident investigations,
Assist in preparation for 3rd party audits and insurance eng visits by collecting info, organising,
planning, tracking follow up
Research, propose, assist in the implementation of best practice and fit for purpose solutions to meet changing
bus and work req
Gather and analyse data on PHA, MHI reports, observations, audits, incidents, advise management on high
Assist Snr Managers to be better PSM leaders
Keep up to date with latest dev knowledge relating to the PSM field and master tech skills application
Review and coordinate the operation of the PSM system for OME
Participate in the dev and maintenance of career paths and training for PSM Specialists
Implement risk assessment tools and demonstrate ALARP risk management

Relationships, Teamwork and Collaboration
Build and maintain stakeholder relationships on all levels
Liaise with accredited engineering facilities reg process projects
Liaise with neighbouring Sasol and non-Sasol plants on potential incident escalation scenarios
Demonstrate influential relationships with manager, peers and leaders
Attend networking activities within the group, ext forums
Deliver knowledge based proc safety training to line management, operating and Process Safety personnel as
Participate in proc safety culture transformation progr, other initiatives as an element SME
Audit, make recommendations on permit to work system to improve business efficiency
Participate in the dev and revision of PSM stds, procedures and specs by researching,
benchmarking, interpreting technical, legal info and best practices


Formal Education

Relevant University Bacherlors Degree


Min Experience

10+ relevant years

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