SHE Princ Practitioner Occ Health Nurse – Sasol

 Purpose of Job
Implement primary health care and occ medicine programmes according to requirements and medical protocols. Work independently, applying given medical protocols in providing health care directly to employees/patients. Is responsible to achieve quality assured results by applying treatment guidelines with room for applied interpretation (dealing with various clinical probabilities). Ensure each patient – nurse encounter contribute to a medical data pool. It would be the role of the nurse practitioner to gather and sort data. Provide feedback to direct health services in continually improving the best methods of work, by applying available resources.
Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities
Implement of One Sasol SHE Excellence approach
Ensure understanding of the One Sasol SHE Excellence approach and the risk based implementation methodology.
Understand the Group key SHE undesirable events and Group controls.
Impementation the SHE risk-based approach to manage key SHE undesirable events and SHE risk controls.
Deliver on health programme.
Planning and coordination and Interpret and report of medical surveillance program and finings.
Deliver in time and cost effective health programme. Adhere to quality management systems.
Awareness of cost/budget.
Accept and implement advice in order to improve the health programme.
Monitoring referring and following up on patients.
Treatment and management of occupational injuries/diseases.
Coordination of medical surveillance scheduling.
Case management of COID claims.
Values behaviour, Personal development and effectiveness. Leadership accountabilities to reach results.
Support Company vision, values and goals.
Performance goals agreement and alignment.
Align and deliver to objectives.
Monitor individual competence improvement.
Improve personal technical and specialist skills and knowledge.
Ensure work and health programmes meet business requirements, demands and objectives.
Execute medical surveillance scheduling program.
Translate medical surveillance scheduling program and service delivery specifications into priorities.
Execute programmes in accordance to SHE policies and statutory requirements.
Identify problems to refer and implement solutions based on recommendations.
Progress monitoring, reporting and corrective action – Compile monitoring and progress report.
Statutory compliance and professional practices – Comply with professional and statutory requirements.
Customer and supplier relationships – Participates in the implementation of corrective and remedial actions.
Knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration with colleagues and other teams – Support Sasol to retain OSAS 18001 certification wrt occ medicine matters.
Participate in appropriate governance and SHE professional forums.
Contractor/consultant relationships/management – Participate in annual team culture and client satisfaction surveys.
Ensure effective relations with all stakeholders.
Assistance of pensioners to facilitate accurate COID reporting of occupational diseases.
Provide new ideas, thinking and approaches.
Employee wellness inputs.
Identify and manage interventions to address non-conformances to medical surveillance scheduling.
Formal Education

University Bachelor’s Degree & additional qualification in Occupational Health Nursing.
Diploma in Nursing.
Dispensing License

Min Experience

4+ relevant years (Degree)
6 years total work experience (Diploma)
Certification & Professional Membership

Registration with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) is mandatory

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