Senior Manager Turnaround and Inspection – Sasol

Purpose of Job

The incumbent will take full accountability for the safe delivery of the Natref shutdown Turn Around and Inspection (T&I), process stops and general overhauls. Lead the Natref shutdown, the Natref/ Natref Durban Operations tanks restoration program and manage the Natref turnaround planning function and catalyst changes.

First ensure Safety operations during Shutdown and maintenance works, then ensure optimally timed planning, preparation for and execution of large turnaround shutdowns at Natref.  Develop and manage T&I support contracts and secure and lead/oversee contracted resources.  Preparation of T&I short- and long-term budgets and optimisation of T&I costs.  Provide fit-for purpose T&I strategies in support of Natref’s long-term business strategy.  Lead, manage and develop subordinate managers in planning.  Manage interfaces between Natref functional departments to ensure progress on work and shutdown planning and preparation and execution of large shutdowns.  Ensure compliance of subordinates and contractors to safety and legal requirements and manage the operating cost of allocated functions as well as that of large turnaround shutdown projects.



Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities


Strategic Direction – T&I Planning:

Develop/ maintain/ optimise BU T&I and tanks restoration program strategy and long term (10 year) plans to be effective and cost optimised.  Develop T&I execution support strategy and contracting model for best quality at lowest cost.  Develop/ maintain/ optimise BU work and shutdown planning strategy and processes/ structures to be effective and cost optimised.  Align T&I strategies and plans with BU business plan.  Make quality decisions and find solutions to improve team and BU results regarding safety, availability (schedule adherence) and cost.  Drive effective work planning culture.


Business deliverables – T&I:

Identification and alignment of stakeholder needs regarding shutdown scope, timing and duration into strategy and plans.  Develop/ manage/ implement specific T&I preparation and execution plans.  Oversee & Manage T&I preparation and execution activities.  Develop/ implement/ manage T&I support contracts.  Oversee/ manage T&I planning and execution processes for on time readiness and delivery of quality results on time and within budget.  Manage T&I support contractors to assure quality, maximise productivity and optimise cost.  Develop and manage T&I long term and yearly budgets and add to BU RCP.  Oversee T&I safety plan development and management.  T&I cost management with regards to labour, services and materials to meet budget.


Business Deliverables – Planning:

Identification and alignment of stakeholder needs regarding work and shutdown planning.  Identify and facilitate development and implementation of plans to reduce non-value adding work.  Develop/Implement/Manage planning support contracts.  Oversee/Manage work planning processes for delivery of quality results on time and to client satisfaction.  Exercise monthly/yearly planning function cost overview and control.  Oversee gathering of planning performance data, relevant analysis and process review to facilitate optimisation.


Technology Management:

Investigate and benchmark technologies applied to manage and improve asset management, T&I planning and Execution.  Develop and oversee implementation of plans to introduce and embed new technology and technological aids in the fields of planning.  Decide and agree on tools and techniques to support planning processes.  Budget and secure capital to implement new technologies and/or better tools for planning.


Governance and Assurance (Risk and compliance management):

Lead continuous improvement of HS&E performance within own areas of responsibility.  Participate in incident investigations and support T&I and legal compliance.  Assist with investigations into and development of solutions to mitigate process risks.  Support risk base inspection studies and scheduling of equipment (license to operate).  Govern and contribute to all relevant T&I and legal compliance and/or SHE policies/regulations acquired in the execution of T&I processes.  Positive contribution to safety culture and practices (culture of zero harm).  Report on incidents and assist with corrective action execution.  Govern environmental compliance (ISO9001, 14001).  Do standby duty as BU emergency controller (about 1 week per month).  Compliance with internal guidelines and policies and identify deviations (for e.g., SHE performance index, legal compliance, etc).


Manage Company Values and Team Performance:

Ensure that BU vision, values and business direction are understood and embraced by maintenance turnaround and planning teams.  Review performance regularly and give recognition where it is due and deal with performance issues.  Ensure proper talent management and manage succession planning in area of responsibility.  Drive and support a high-performance culture by embedding critical behaviours supported by Natref’s values.  Manage self and team development objectives (Identify and develop talent).  Communicate and execute change (MOC) and improvement effectively.  Build capability and capacity within the T&I group to ensure enough resources and availability for the effective execution of tasks


Teamwork and Collaboration:

Oversee implementation of maintenance turnaround strategies/plans by maintenance and operations functions through T&I team leaders allocated in these functions through matrix management structure.  Oversee implementation of work planning strategies/plans by maintenance and operations functions through planners allocated in these functions through matrix management structure.  Build effective working relationships with managers, peers, team members, customers and suppliers.  Manage multi-level interfaces between internal and external stakeholders and integrate plans and activities effectively.  Ensure that vision, values and business direction are embraced by the team.


Stakeholder Relationships:

Support Natref unit availability (production) planning process through accurate and timely provision of foreseen downtime information on a monthly, yearly and long-term basis.  Support the BU budgeting and cost control process through provision of accurate and timely availability estimates and planning information on an annual and long-term basis.  Support the BU budgeting and cost control process through provision of accurate and timely estimates of timing, cost and duration of future shutdowns and turnarounds.  Act as PSM service provider management lead and chair regular service provider safety alignment meetings during shutdowns.


Result Monitoring and Control:

Develop Reports (Fiscal, daily, monthly) for senior managing and board on T&I progress and performance.  Ensure planning and shutdown metrics/reporting.  Ensure timely results and compliance through control systems and measures.


Process Improvement:

Identify improvement opportunities and implement solutions through functional and operational teams.  Apply new ideas and work methods and opportunities for improving results through team engagement.



Formal Education

  • Technical/Engineering degree (B Eng. / B Sc / B Tech – Mechanical/Electrical/Electro-Mechanical preferred) (Must)
  • Relevant Post Graduate qualification (Masters in Asset Management, Professional Project Management Diploma) (Strong wish)


Min Experience

  • 8-10 years’ experience in engineering/ maintenance/ operations management.
  • 10 to 15 years in Petrochemical Industry.
  • Track record of implementing Improvement projects and Operations/ Maintenance turnaround management in a complex, diverse and multi-functional environment.
  • Proven SHE experience and performance including compliance records.
  • Experience in managing contracts and contractors

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