Senior Applied Data Scientist – Sasol

Purpose of Job
Collaborate with the engineering disciplines and related fields to identify opportunities with business value that can be addressed with data science.

Scope and develop appropriate data analytics solutions by combining engineering or scientific expertise with a sound knowledge of data science.

Apply knowledge of recent techniques to propose new approaches and methodologies in the field of data analytics / data science.


Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities
Combine engineering or scientific expertise with a sound knowledge of data science to provide advanced analytics solutions to the business.

Have advanced knowledge in one or more field of data science (e.g. Simulation, Mathematical Programming, Machine Learning, Statistics).

Maintain a broad base of Data Science generalist knowledge and competence.

Continuously expand data analytics and data science toolkit.

Maintain proficient knowledge of the Analytics Eco-System including Data Management, Data Engineering and how these integrate with Data Science.

Source, formulate and execute (manage and do) the Data Science solutions.

Leverage best practices and ensure/maintain compliance across multiple areas.

Analyse latest trends and technology into consideration, to differentiate between complex problem types and modelling approaches to be used to provide solutions.

Validate own and other’s work to identify possible areas for improvement of efficiency and effectiveness.

Provide guidance to inexperienced team members.

Actively seek customers where support could be offered and proactively identify real needs of customer, especially from own domain expertise and networks.

Drive and lead peer review for quality management.

Utilise Data Science systems, tools and standards (own, local and international) in own work.

Investigate data analysis trends and tools available for continuous improvement.


Formal Education

University Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related field


Min Experience

5 – 8 relevant years

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