Project Specialist – Sasol

Purpose of Job
To provide complete project supervision service with respect to all aspects of building construction projects undertaken by Sasol Energy – Mobility Solutions- Retail Network Development Department. To provide advisory assistance with regards to construction projects to the Retail Network Development Department, Retail Department, External Developers, Consultants, Procurement and Supply Management Department. To maintain good control of the Operational and Capital expenditure on all projects and to reduce capital costs on projects without compromising on quality wherever possible, while adhering to Sasol Governance policies. To ensure that the highest Safety Practices are adhered to on all projects undertaken by the Retail Network Development Department


Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities
To assist construction consultants (Principal Agents), including Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors with the compilation of design layouts of New-To-Industry, Re-ties, Rebranding and Refresh Projects so as to ensure conformity with Sasol standards of quality and design.

To provide pertinent costs related information to Internal Senior Specialists Property Development in the preparation of cost estimates at both proposal and pre-tender stages.

To ensure that plans and proposals are submitted to local authorities for approval without undue delay and to monitor the progress at the granting of such approval through consultations with the relevant consultants.

To provide Architects and Engineers with all the necessary information with regard to specific project technical requirements for inclusion in all working drawings, specifications and detailed drawings.

To consult with Quantity Surveyors, where applicable, in the preparation of Bill of Quantities to ensure that Cost Estimates conform to Sasol’s requirements where applicable.

To provide Architects and Engineers with pump and tank layout requirements and compressed air installations requirements.

To provide the Manager Project Development with all necessary information on projects with regard to pre-tender progress and anticipated construction programming.

To ensure that construction commencement and completion dates are set and that dates are strictly adhered to as far as possible.

To supervise and inspect all aspects of demolitions, construction, main contract, sub-contract (selected and nominated), and Sasol’s  contractor works on building construction projects to ensure that all applicable standards are met with regards to design, material quality, workmanship and that all works are conducted in an efficient and cost effective manner, during the entire duration of the project.

To obtain from all contractors a program of their building works and to monitor all onsite activities against this programme and to consult with the supervisory consultants, where applicable , or contractor, in an endeavour to discover reasons for programme not being met and possible ways of recovering any lost times which may result.

To co-ordinate with contractors and to advise them of the involvement of Sasol’s direct contractors to ensure no delays to the project programme and obviate any clash on site activities.

To facilitate the Procurement for items to be supplied for the works by Sasol through the Procurement and Supply Management department.

To assist with the appointment of the necessary contractors to perform Sasol’s specific requirements on projects and to ensure their co-operation in working in conjunction with other contractors.

To obtain progress payment claims from contractors and to process them in accordance with requirements stated under Procure-to-Pay process.

To investigate the necessity for all variations which may arise on projects and to evaluate the cost of implications of all such variations and the potential impact on the overall building programme and budgets.

To monitor expenditure of all sanctioned items against the available funds and to compile monthly reports on such expenditure for the information of the Manager Project Development, Retail Network Development Department.

To update weekly, progress charts and cashflow reports of construction programmes for the information of the Manager Project Development, Retail Network Development Department.

To attend all site meetings and where necessary all design meetings throughout the currency of the project and furthermore to ensure that such meetings are held on a regular and formal basis.

To regularly inspect all building works with a view to ensuring that the highest standards of safety are being employed by all responsible persons and that all aspects of Sasol’s SHERQ and Security policies are being adhered to as far as possible.

To undertake a snagging inspection of all aspects of the works upon practical completion and to report on the findings and to follow up to ensure that all remedial works are satisfactorily completed.


Formal Education

BSc/BTech Engineering/Project Management/Quantity Surveying or Construction related degree.


Min Experience

6+ years experience in the construction industry

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