Process Controller(Dayshift) – Sasol

Purpose of Job
Efficient operation of the plant.

Adhere to all safety regulations and work standards.
Practice good housekeeping and plant cleaning.
Comply with legal requirements and be prepared to do physical and uncomfortable work as stipulated in the job description.

Process controller will be reporting to shift foreman and must adhere to foreman’s reasonable and safe instructions.

Work overtime as required

Required outputs include, but are not limited to:

  • Physically monitor production processes.
  • Effluent tracing and fault-finding.
  • Sample taking and laboratory analysis.
  • Loading road tankers

Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities

Physically monitor production processes on plant and DCS.

Working at heights

Sample taking and analysis in plant lab.

Use of plant vehicle – areas of responsibility are located in a vast geographic area.
Conduct visual inspections on the process and equipment.
Report process deviations to shift supervisor /foreman.
Compile relevant area shift report during and at the end of shift.
Examine equipment and complete all required checklists as per job description.
Report all risk behaviors and unsafe conditions to shift foreman/line manager.

Take plant samples to the laboratory.

Maintain required housekeeping standards by cleaning, washing, collecting, etc.

Adhere and apply standard operating procedures and work instructions.
Understand equipment failure modes and defect identification and reporting.
Demonstrate understanding of how equipment functions, e.g. valves and pumps and different types of valves and pumps.
Conduct basic fault-finding and problem solving.

Attend and contribute to daily assurance meetings / toolbox talks.

Attend and contribute to shift SHE meetings.

Conduct plant inspections.
Conduct safety management system inspections e.g. OSHA, ISO 14000/18000/9001.
Conduct pre-task risk assessments.
Must be able to work under pressure.

Perform safe-making and prepare plant for maintenance.

Conduct standby duties

Work together with other departments to ensure plant is operational.

Complete all required log sheets and logbooks on the plant.


Related plant operational experience required.

Experience in a production environment (must).

Related exposure and experience as a process controller / artisan would be an advantage.

Experience within a petrochemical / chemical industry will be an advantage.

Qualifications and Experience:

Grade 12 or N3 with English, Maths and Science (must).

NQF2 level 2 – Chemical operations occupational. (Process Controller Gr 1)
NQF level 3 – Chemical operations occupational. (Process Controller Gr 1)
Related plant operational experience will be a benefit.
Experience in a production environment (must).

Driver’s license (must)

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