Manager Performance Low Carbon – Sasol

Purpose of Job
A temporary project position with a contract end date of 30 June 2023.

To ensure that sound financial management and reporting practices are implemented and applied, and ensures effective, accurate and timely reporting to internal stakeholders.

To participates and provides input in business decision making, financial management of the business unit and also ensure the effective management of the financial team.

To provide continuous support to management with financial analysis and intelligence in a proactive and positive/critical attitude to facilitate decision making as well as to evaluate the effect of decisions made.


Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities
Evaluate key financial performance indicators against industry norms and historical trends.

Ensure the creation, coordination and compliance of schedules.

Validate reports for completeness; relevance and accuracy.

Provide trend and adhoc analysis and data interpretation to Business Management, highlighting critical business risks and opportunities.

Analyse variable costs identifying cost reduction opportunities that will translate to improved margins.

Develop methods of evaluating/interrogating monthly results based on profit levers advice

management of results so that business decisions can be influenced based on critical analysis.

Review Reconciliation of monthly SAP Profit Center reporting as well as General Ledger accounts.

Interpret the tracking of results against KPI’s and advice Business Management, providing recommendations on profit improvement plans.

Review variance analysis of actual results against budget; forecast and prior year identifying profit/margin improvement plans to achieve targets.

Develop analytical reporting of profitability at a customer and product level providing Management with value adding detail to support business decisions.

Analyse capital expenditure reports prepared by Snr Accountants and provide advisory role to Management on forecasting of capital expenditure.

Evaluate returns on capital expenditure and highlight areas with low returns so that proactive measures can be taken to initiate improvement plans.

Develop reporting methods that proactively identify potential impairment concerns.

Highlight concerns to Management, leading them to initiate improvement plans or seek alternative plans to protect our capital investment.

Develop reporting capability to analyse integrated margin reporting.

Interrogate integrated margin analysis for optimization opportunities.

Lead budget and forecast process with Business ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.

Challenge Business on assumptions that are not aligned to strategic objectives

Coordinate and compile budget and forecast results.

Analyse budget and forecast results for the Business and present results to Business Management highlighting KPI’s contributing to strategic imperatives.

Perform detailed trend and reasonability analysis on budgeted and forecast results and provide feedback to management.

Provide guidance and advice to Business Management when compiling forecasts highlighting cost saving and profit improvement opportunities.

Manage team based on the Sasol values principals.

Coach and guide team to perform optimally.

Set and agree performance targets for each year allowing for growth and development.

Provide regular feedback on performance.

Ensure safe working environment.


Formal Education

4 Year B-Degree in Finance or similar


Min Experience

10+ relevant years

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