Chief Foreman – Sasol

Management of the engineering maintenance processes witihin the appointed area of responsibility to enable various mining teams to reach production targets within the principles of QCDSM Carries a 2.9.2 legal appointment for the mine



Functional outputs include:

  • Safe Production – Manage and carry out engineering and maintenance strategies / overhaul plans on a day to day basis that ensure that departments KPI’s are met – deliver maintenance,    if and when to replace / repair  equipment
  • Maintenance cost vs R/t in appointed area Maintenance budget – actual vs.  budget
  • Availability of Equipment Downtime / shift / MTTF /MTTR (infrastructure and inspection equipment)
  • Adherence to Overhaul / maintenance program – plan vs.   actual
  • Implements operational projects, ensures engineering compliance, develops and implements engineering Standard Operating Procedures (SOP in appointed area of   responsibility.
  • Ensures adherence to Engineering principles and legislation.
  • Compliance to engineering governance bodies (standardization committees) SOP / COP implementation and  adherence
  • % delivery against OE  initiatives
  • Detail understanding of the Work Management Process
  • Carry out condition monitoring programs in appointed area of responsibility. Compliance to Condition monitoring program schedules.
  • Failure trend analysis and root cause  elimination
  • Execution of Predictive Maintenance recommendations   (backlog)
  • Rand per ton (R/t, Tons per CM per shift (t/cm/shift) Volumes vs. monthly TQF (Including  Quality
  • Finance – Control costs to ensure production volumes are achieved within budget. Delivery against budget and reporting calendar vs.  target
  • SHE – Ensure best in class safety performance and continuous improvement of key safety metrics to maintain required RCR.
  • SHE compliance rates vs. targets (especially major findings, % outstanding actions on findings) Zero harm, Zero fatalities,  LWDCR
  • Recruitment, training, coaching and career  development
  • Vacancy rates vs. Staff Establishment (vacancies incl. Absence due to TSD / PSD, AWOP, Successors for critical  positions)
  • Key role turnover rate vs. industry average, absenteeism, employee engagement and enablement score (%, Tons/man/year, Monthly bonus   targets)
  • training days for department Planned Task observations


Please note the following clauses:


  1. The Sasol Group / Sasol Mining will never request you to make any cash deposits/payments as part of the recruitment process.
  2. In line with Sasol’s commitment to Employment Equity, preference will be given to suitable candidates from designated groups.
  3. In addition to a pre-employment medical examination, some positions may require a physical fitness assessment as part of the normal selection criteria.



GR12/N3/NCV L4 with Maths & Science

A valid Trade Test Certificate (Electro Mechanic)


Relevant Engineering Degree (B.Tech, B.Eng. B.Sc.Eng)

5 years Foreman experience


Typically 18 month’s supervisory experience as EIT

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