Channel Manager – Vox Telecom


To effectively position Vox Telecom as being the definitive supplier of knowledge, products, solutions and services within the telecommunications industry. Vertical and horizontal account analysis and penetration to ensure that all possible product / solution opportunities in existing and associated accounts are explored. Presentation of a comprehensive architectural strategy plan of each account
Job Description

  • Ensure there is a relationship forged with every level that play a role in the decision making at the customer site
  • Identify any possible threats, competitors and consultant influences that may cause the customer to cancel
  • To consistently meet set net of churn growth targets
  • Constantly monitor of renewal dates, overflow, quarterly project plan and analysis industry trends, debtors and technical (helpdesk) interaction and involvement to maintain customer service
  • Utilize and incorporate competencies of the services of the “Product Specialist” & “Product Managers” to ensure that the companies required budgets are met
  • Foster an atmosphere of self-study with regards to trends in the telecommunications market to ensure that the company is viewed as a leader in the Telecommunications industry.

Job Skills

  • Change management facilitation skills (not necessarily IT specific)
  • Effective time management skills
  • Able to direct a channel with multiple accounts and partners
  • promote teamwork and camaraderie amongst staff
  • able to communicate well and document reports
  • possess good interpersonal relationship towards co-worker

Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 12
  • Diploma in Accounting, Business Management
    3 years’ experience in Account Management
  • 3 years’ experience in Telecom environment

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